Freyr as a Partner from Discovery Stage

Tailoring and Designing Effective Non-clinical Development Program

An effective Regulatory strategy planning is very important aspect of any discovery program. The planning and designing of scientifically robust non-clinical development plan tailored to the specific requirements of the project is utmost important in successful filing of IND and further developments including NDA submission. Our team of toxicologists, with several years of experience in the field of drug development, have supported numerous small and mid-sized pharma/biotech companies at various stages of drug development as a strategic partner. The non-clinical development programs and strategies proposed by our experts have been well accepted by various Agencies including the US FDA. The programs comprised of innovative small and large molecules including NDA submissions for new indications and alternate route of delivery.

Planning and Designing Non-clinical Proof of Concept (PoC) Studies

Depending on the type of project and therapeutic area (for example, inflammation and autoimmune diseases, CNS, metabolism, wound management including infectious diseases), our Regulatory affairs consultants have helped clients in the selection of relevant animal models for understanding the non-clinical proof of concept (PoC) including pharmacokinetic aspects. Our experts can help in planning and designing of non-clinical PoC studies to suite clients’ specific program requirements.

Planning and Designing Early Discovery Pharmacology and Toxicology Studies

Planning of scientifically robust and appropriate early discovery studies and clinical research studies to enable selection of better candidates for further development is not only important for resource conservation but also helps save time and unnecessary spending on nonviable drug candidates. Our experts can assist in selection of right candidate(s) and appropriate decision-making process. Early discovery studies designed to answer specific questions with minimal resource and quick turnaround are utmost important in this process. Similarly, proper scientific evaluation of preliminary results at early stage is essential in prioritization of the development.

Strategic Support including Designing of Regulatory (GLP) Toxicology Studies for IND/BLA/NDA Submissions

As per the requirement of the program, deciding on scientifically most appropriate and pivotal non-clinical studies for various Regulatory filings such as IND/BLA and NDA type of submissions. Proper planning, designing and conduct of the important studies at initial or early stage of development is essential for on-time-submissions and approvals. Our experts with their vast experience, can help identify the required non-clinical studies and assist in designing the studies for Regulatory submissions.

Development of Strategy and Material for Pre-IND Meeting and Briefing Packages

Preparation of pre-IND briefing document is the first and very important milestone in the Regulatory strategy development process. This is an opportunity to express the drug development plan and seek the Agencies opinion/concerns at the beginning itself to avoid any Regulatory issues later in the product development process. Depending on the program, preparation of a comprehensive briefing package and seeking the clarity or asking the questions/queries in an appropriate manner prior to pre-IND meeting is highly essential to avoid any ambiguities at later stage. Our Regulatory experts from diverse backgrounds (CMC, Non-clinical and Clinical) have worked on numerous projects and developed briefing books, clinical development plans and pre-IND meeting packages for variety of programs. On occasions, the strategic questions with proper scientific background provided by our Regulatory affairs consultants, helped clients on getting waivers for certain non-clinical and clinical studies and thereby saving on cost and development/approval timelines.

Evaluation and Qualification of CRO for Conduct of Regulatory Toxicology Studies

Identification, qualification and selection of Contract Research Organization (CRO) for conduct of GLP toxicology studies with good experience in the high-quality data management and scientific capabilities to handle non-clinical studies is very crucial for any discovery program. Our experts, with years of actual experience in the GLP work environment, can help identify and qualify the most appropriate CRO for conduct of non-clinical studies based on the type of program.

Review and Monitoring of Non-clinical Studies at CROs

Once the CRO is selected, it’s time to kick start the activities for conduct of GLP studies. Right from the initial stage i.e., drafting or review of study plans for non-clinical studies, review and evaluation of interim data and monitoring the progress of the study is very important to avoid any unforeseen situation at the end. Our Global Regulatory strategy experts with vast experience have developed and/or reviewed study plans for variety of non-clinical studies and provided their invaluable inputs at right time. Our experts have also monitored the progress of non-clinical studies by on-site or off-site inspections to complete the projects effectively and successfully.

Development and Review of Clinical Study Protocol

Medical Writing and Clinical team at Freyr has good expertise and experience in Clinical development plans and in review of clinical study protocols. The team involved in developing variety of protocols for different scope or objectives of the studies including but not limited to SAD, MAD, proof of concept, pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, human abuse liability studies and regular efficacy and safety studies. Our Regulatory strategy team has various experts including pharmacologists, medical professionals, pharm D professionals, medical writers, and statisticians.

Freyr Clinical Advantages

  • In-depth Regulatory knowledge as our Regulatory affairs consultants perfectly integrated with IT capabilities
  • Complete understanding of the complex drug development process, including NCEs, generics, biologics and biosimilars
  • Clinical development plans
  • Vast experience in working across multiple therapeutic areas like oncology, cardiovascular, psychiatry, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, etc.
  • Defined processes of thorough scientific, medical, editorial and quality control review inhouse prior to the sponsor review
  • Experience in writing documents for various phases of clinical development including Phase I to Phase IV, Post-Marketing Surveillance Studies (PMS) and Post-Authorization Safety Studies (PASS)
  • Well-versed in working with various stakeholders like clinical operations, data management, bio-statistics, medical and safety teams to deliver documents
  • Submission-ready documents in terms of technical information, language, format and template used to prepare the document
  • Timely delivery with the highest standard of quality

Freyr Non-clinical Advantages

  • Qualified, trained and experienced team of toxicologists and data scientists with in-depth understanding of non-clinical requirements for various submissions involving diverse discovery projects
  • Experienced in the designing of non-clinical development plans for complex projects including identification of potential risk and mitigation strategy in the context of overall Regulatory strategy
  • Good knowledge and understanding of toxicological risk assessments of excipients and impurities including defining the qualification limits
  • Freyr has staff with first-hand experience in working in GLP environment as study director and also have a fair understanding of manufacturing process and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirements
  • Robust quality control system for drafting and review non-clinical and toxicology safety assessment reports, which assure scientifically correct and audit/submission ready documents
  • Freyr has expert team that can deliver documents in faster than the standard time in the industry for the same task
  • Qualified and experienced team of experts
  • Cost-effective services with faster turnaround time
  • On-time and priority deliveries depending on the urgency
  • Help/assistance on Regulatory queries addressal

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